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courtesy of Matt Knieling after he caught Tuesday’s show at The Southern. According to Matt, this is what James Wallace & The Naked Light's music made him feel like:


Diggin’ the headgear, I gotta say!

SUPPORT THE SUPPORT: Michal Menert, Gardens & Villa,

Producer Michal Menert was the first artist signed to Pretty Lights Music after co-producing Pretty Lights’ debut album, and those that are familiar with the album will notice Menert’s fingerprints all over it. With a spacey, jazzy sound that’s more groove than rage and influences that draw heavily from retro funk, Menert makes electronic dance music that synthesizes (no pun intended) tempos and textures from the dance music of decades past.  

After a whole bunch of successful shows at The Southern, Michal Menert will be opening for GRiZ at The Jefferson tonight.

RIYL: Pretty Lights, Gramatik

Smoothly transitioning from upbeat synth-and-guitar pop to gauzy, quietly dramatic pieces, Challenger proves a versatile songwriter/ producer duo that’s fully capable of tapping into the spectrum of emotion from desperation to celebration, often within the same song. With introspective and artfully written lyrics, the songs on debut record The World Is Too Much For Me are thoughtful and intimate, and while they sometimes tread into darker territory the album as a whole has an overall hopeful, bright tone.

Catch Challenger open for hometown heroes Dwight Howard Johnson with Astronomers at The Southern this Friday, April 18.

RIYL: Ghost Beach, St. Lucia, Dan Croll

Local band Astronomers (incidentally, two of the band members are actually qualified astronomers) make polished, upbeat indie rock. They’ve been on the scene since 2008, and their music has something for everyone that can count ‘having fun’ as one of their interests – beats you can groove along to, singable hooks, and solos to marvel at.

They’ll be playing with fellow Charlottesvillians Dwight Howard Johnson on Friday, April 18 at the Southern.

RIYL: Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes

On their latest release Dunes (Secretly Canadian), Gardens & Villa add a shade of dark gauziness to their funky, synth-heavy pop. It’s groovy mid-tempo dance-rock that owes a lot to eighties pop, but with a breezy dreaminess that grounds it in the West Coast.

Gardens & Villa will be opening for Tycho on Tuesday, April 22 at The Jefferson. Don’t miss it!

RIYL: Future Islands, Beach House


Well, they’ve come a long way since “Time to Pretend.” Whether that’s good or bad, we’ll leave to you to say. But there’s no denying, the MGMT that took the Conan stage last night is certainly not the band that burst on the scene a decade ago. (Whoa! Has it really been that long?) Wearing an ensemble resembling the love child of Sitting Bull and a pair of Vans and performing flippantly named “Cool Song No. 2”, MGMT ’s Andrew VanWyngarden showed us all that LSD’s one hell of a drug. Kids, do not try this at home.

The Jefferson Review: Danny Brown 04.11.14


On Friday night, the crowd at The Jefferson Theater was buzzing in anticipation of seeing hip-hop favorite Danny Brown and raging as hard as possible. Originating from Detroit, Michigan, Danny Brown has been named by MTV as one of rap’s most unique figures in recent history and from the array of characters in the crowd it had to be true. Danny Brown has made his way slowly and steadily through the hip-hip hierarchy with his love of loud bass, audacious rhymes, and unpredictable personality. He made a sizable impression at his show in Charlottesville last year and was back to turn The Jefferson into his own personal party with crowd-pleasing openers Zelooperz and Deniro Farrar.

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SHOWS TO GET PSYCHED FOR :: 04.14.14 - 04.20.14

This week at The Pavilion:

  • FRI: the 1st Fridays After Five of the season ft. Chamomile & Whiskey w/ Red & The Romantics

This week at The Jefferson:

  • WEDGRiZ w/ Michal Menert & Late Night Radio
  • FRILove Canon Record Release Party w/ Lazer Cake
  • SATThe Zombies ft. Colin Blunstone & Rod Argent w/ Pat Sansone of Wilco & Autumn Defense

This week at The Southern:

  • MONHorse Feathers w/ The Hill & Wood
  • TUEMoon Taxi w/ James Wallace & The Naked Light
  • WED: An Evening w/ Charlie Hunter & Scott Amendola
  • THUZoogma & Kung Fu
  • FRIDwight Howard Johnson w/ Challenger & Astronomers
  • SAT: *MOVED FROM APRIL 3* The Wild Feathers

The Jefferson Review: Cherub 04.08.14


Last Tuesday night, the Jefferson hosted what was probably the wildest party of the spring so far, as we welcomed the duo of Cherub, supported by  two emerging acts, Carousel and ProbCause. The sold-out theater was largely packed with UVA’s “finest” (better known as those who would have gone out and party hard anyways on a Tuesday night, so why not do it with Cherub). 

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